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Eoghan Konstantin is a singer-songwriter from Kildare, Ireland. Since moving to St. Gallen in 2019, he has slowly begun a music career focusing on an acoustic, indie-folk sound and produces a live performance full of melancholy, poorly-timed jokes and honest anecdotes. His love for crowd interaction started as a busker on the streets in Dublin...


Previous gigs


Gartenkonzert Zeiningen 

Badenfahrt AG

Winterthurer Musikfestwochen ZH

Gartenkonzert - Amriswil TG
nAir St. Gallen - SG
Grabenhalle - SG
Mr Pickwick Pub Tour - Basel
​Mr Pickwi
ck Pub Tour - Baden
​Mr Pickwick Pub Tour - Zurich
Mr Pickwick Pub Tour - Luzern
Mr Pickwick Pub Tour - Bern
Mr Pickwick Pub Tour - Zug
Freiraum Widnau - SG
Lokal Winterthur - ZH


 Restaurant Splügen – SG

 Cancelled: Saurer Garten – Arbon TG
Cancelled: Klosterbistro Jubiläum SG

Winterthur PopUp ZH
Jungkult Festival SG
Garten Konzert SG
Gast Haus zur Waag – Bad Zurzach AG

Gustav Gleis SG
Gartenfest Ermatingen TG

Openair St. Gallen SG
Latzhose Air SG 
MOMO Step & Clap Production SG
Rooftop Konzert SG
Prado Bar SG 

Cancelled: Klosterbistro Jubiläum SG 

Grabenhalle SG 
Focacceria SG

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